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What is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the ongoing process of changing various elements of your website to ensure it is search engine friendly. There are many search engines available on the web, but the main key players to optimize for are Google and Bing. An SEO'd  website is optimised to gain you good organic listings as opposed to the paid listings, which are administered through services such as Google AdWords and Microsoft adCenter.

These paid listings are commonly known as Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising. Deciding on whether to opt for SEO or PPC or both depends on your budget and the amount of time you are prepared to wait for results. Some customers decide to only concentrate on the search engine optimisation of their website, and some may use PPC as well to give a quicker result or to help increase the total amount of traffic to their site, the choice is yours.

Search engine optimisation for Google or Bing as with all search engines, is about making sure your website has content that is as relevant as possible to the keywords and phrases you want to target. If a business is not appearing on page one of Google for a keyword phrase that best describes what they are offering it is missing out on a huge number of customers.

It is essential for a business to rank highly in order to drive as much traffic as possible to their website and so dramatically increase the number of sales and leads generated. It is well known that the top 3 organic website listings on page 1 receive the most traffic, the listing at position 1 receiving the highest amount.

Website optimisation is now seen as a major part of effective web marketing and a larger and larger proportion of company marketing budgets are being spent to ensure top positions in an increasingly competitive market.

If you already have a great looking website and have a product everyone wants it is no longer enough to get your online audience buying from you. It is now critically important to ensure your website is optimised correctly for the keywords/phrases that best describe your products and services. As part of WebClamour's monthly SEO services we analyse how each search engine works and can adapt the SEO to the constant algorithm changes thus maintaining your top site listings. Organic website optimisation techniques need to be reviewed on a monthly basis to keep up with search engine trends. Nothing in the search engine game is ever a certainty but constant monitoring and testing can achieve consistently good results when applied carefully.

If you want to rank highly for a particular "keyword phrase" (your products or services) you need lots of relevant content in your pages that will give visitors confidence that you are indeed selling what they are looking for. I.e. the phrase he or she typed in is shown on your page as a heading and in the content. If you do this well Google will rank your page higher than sites who don't. Our SEO techniques ensure your website is relevant to each of your targeted keywords, so Google is more likely to move your website higher in the SERP's.

Your website must supply as much closely relevant information as it can for each of your preferred "keyword phrases" to give you the best chance of appearing high up in the search results. This applies to each and every one of your pages and you should ideally optimise for only one "keyword phrase" per page.

It is well known that an estimated 85% of website traffic comes via search engine referrals and if your website is correctly optimised, this is where your targeted leads and future "buying customers" and long term clients will come from.

SEO can easily make the difference between a small company growing steadily into a large company or languishing where it is whilst the competition overtakes it. As search engine optimisation is a difficult industry to master and is constantly changing, most businesses employ SEO companies like WebClamour to optimize their website for them.

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  • A website without properly executed search engine optimisation is like having your company brochure hidden away in your stationery cupboard.
  • As Bill Gates once said: “If I was down to my last dollar, I’d spend it on PR. In times of market downturn you can not afford to reduce the amount of marketing you do.
  • Social media has become the internet marketing revolution of our age. You can not afford to run a business without it.
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