how to source a predictable number of highly qualified leads each and every month

How To Impress All Your Franchisee's By Search Engine Optimising Their Web Sites With A Single Click

  • Take your search engine optimisation to the highest leveby centralising the time consuming SEO process for all Franchisee's sites.
  • Using our State Of The Art SEO management platform with inbuilt "SEO best practices" software you spend far less time analysing and managing local SEO implemenatation across your Franchisee networks and more time on strategy and your core business.
  • Gain total confidence in your internet marketing strategy as you get predictable month on month highly targeted, lead generation and increasing sales.
  • As soon as you take control you are instantly "enabled" by the system to implement both on-site and off-site SEO techniques. This includes automated "deep linking" across any number of your Franchisees websites.
  • As soon as Google implements another algorithm update you can alter the content of all your websites in an instant.
  • Additionally if you decide to change your mind some time later you can roll back all those changes setting all sites back to their state immediately prior to the update.
  • The competitive advantage for any Franchisor operating this system is unbeatable.

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Manage The Design, SEO, Social Networking & Newsletter Syndication Across All Franchisee's From A Single Point

Franchisors need to be spending their time managing their business and maximising their profits, not worrying if their Franchisee's websites and marketing systems are performing up to scratch.

Franchisee's in the modern Internet linked world are demanding more every day from their Franchisors and if they don't get it they let everyone else on the network know.

Very quickly your name can be mud and you often do not have an easy way to put your side of the argument.

Is The Internet The Problem?

It can be. Nowadays all those negative comments can instantly be spread online (it only takes a few moments to put up an angry Facebook post or a tweet) and very soon it can have a negative impact on the Franchisors business.

Sure you can try and contractually limit what your Franchisee's can say or do on the internet, but word soon gets around.

Better by far to "convert them" into spreading the good word as "raving fans" in the first place than it is to spend valuable time trying to prevent them from "bad mouthing" you.

Can You Beat Them At Their Own Game?

It would be wonderful indeed if you could leverage all of todays Internet technology in a good way, including the incredible power of Social Media, to provide significant benefits to your Franchisee's.

If you could present them with: -

Then they would be singing your praises across all the social media sites and everyone would be happy.

Narrowing Down The Choices

There are quite a few partial answers around but you need to be sure that the one you chose can provide a complete, easy to use and robust solution.

You may already have searched for such a system and perhaps (like many before you) have spent a not inconsiderable amount of time narrowing down something (or someone) that you think might do the job.

You may well have found a possible solution and been concerned about the total lack of transparency provided as to how the system works.

You might also have worried that the so called performance is merely the marking up and forwarding on of Google Adwords or the diverting into paid adverts traffic that would normally have come to you via the free organic listings.

It might even be that you found that they looked good on paper but in fact the lead generation costs were high and the leads you got were worse than useless (i.e. not highly targeted).

There are of course many considerations, but a Franchisor solution would ideally need to be: -

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How Can One System Make Such A Difference?

Our automated Franchisor marketing platform maximises local organic search engine rankings with Google and streamlines centralised "best practices" SEO Implementation across all your Franchisee's Websites from a central point.

As a direct result your Franchisee's local website visibility is automatically increased through multiple online channels, including the all important social networks (Facebook, Twitter etc.) and through newsletter syndication. No other SEO platform can perform what this system masters with ease.

Our system is absolutely ideal for Franchisors and their networks of Franchisee's. The Franchisor is given control of a powerful semi automated system that feeds Google with optimised local content, providing Franchisees with a predictable number of leads each and evey month. Those highly targeted leads (leading to increased sales) are provided with with some of the the lowest acquisition costs in the business. AdWords would cost a fortune by comparison.

All this is managed with a minimum of on-going time investment for you and your Franchisees. Our System is designed from the ground up with built in best practice SEO and powerful automation mechanisms to implement both on site search engine optimization and off site link building as well as integrating perfectly with the rest of your Internet marketing including social networking.

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As a Franchisor you will be passionate about your business and naturally you will want to be the one who  decides how and when to market your Franchisees websites. Our system takes what you know and leverages it, transforming that knowledge into a highly targeted and cleverly executed search engine strategy which will propel your Franchisees visibility on the web to new heights. Especially in the organic (free) search engine results.

Our system comes with a truly revolutionary organic search management system that is being improved and updated all the time. Every twitch and turn of Google's SEO dance is followed, analysed and optimised for in the system.

Note: the system is so flexible you can subcontract any or all of the SEO services to experts at any time.

Most importantly it allows the person with responsibility for SEO to select how each local Franchisee's service or page can be individually optimised using a set of simple rules. A database driven back end then allows updates to be made instantly (using a browser based front end like FireFox) globally across multiple websites.

The result? Happy and profitable Franchisees who tell everyone they know about their experience, otherwise known as "Raving Fans"!

Contact WebClamour to find out how our SEO system can help you manage Franchisee websites.

  • A website without properly executed search engine optimisation is like having your company brochure hidden away in your stationery cupboard.
  • As Bill Gates once said: “If I was down to my last dollar, I’d spend it on PR. In times of market downturn you can not afford to reduce the amount of marketing you do.
  • Social media has become the internet marketing revolution of our age. You can not afford to run a business without it.
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