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Email Marketing | Do You Really Need It?

Use Email Templates To Get Your Message Across

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Email templates provide a higly engaging way to get your message across to your customers.

Why Is Email Marketing Critical To Your Business

Email marketing is the cornerstone of your online marketing – and should be on the top of the list for any small or local business and even corporates.

Email marketing is by far the best way to keep the lines of communication open long after a customer has left your website. It gives you the time to get to know your customer, build your brand and drive repeat visits and orders. It dramatically increases the chance that a visitor to your website will become a paying customer.

Put simply there is no better way to connect and build relationships with your prospects and your customers.

Carrying out business online is becoming increasingly competitive. Customers have a huge choice and often it is a reminder that a product or service is available that tips the balance with your customer. So you need to be reminding your customers of what you have to offer at just the right time. I.e. when they are ready to buy. Email gives you this opportunity via a verifiable direct route that gets your marketing message across and it helps influence your customers throughout their buying cycle.

It is worth noting a few benefits of email marketing:

  • Opt-in Email lists tend to convert at a higher percentage than general web traffic.
  • Capturing email addresses increases the number of customers you can talk to.
  • Customers often need prompting; email encourages them to come back.
  • An email is perhaps the most valuable thing you can ever obtain from a visitor to your site.

Email is so quick and simple to use if you have a good system. One email sent to hundreds or even thousands of prospects and/or customers, with just a few clicks. You can send completely different ones to prospects and to customers – and vary the offers mailed to different categories of customer.

We offer best-of-breed email marketing solutions accommodating virtually all multiple email marketing software platform providers through our newsletter management component. Our system helps you craft an email or newsletter once and distribute it through multiple channels with a single click. This includes  Press Releases, RSS, Yahoo News, Google News, Web newsletters, and traditional email marketing.

Thanks to our project-wide Press Release, News & Email marketing facility, our unique technology helps you acquire more visibility while expending less effort. News items are built as standard to be compliant with news aggregator standards such as those used by Yahoo News and Google News, RSS feeds are built and distributed automatically to hundreds of directories. All this helps to increase your sites’ visibility and raise your corporate profile. Our system also features a news archive section which keeps the original URLs of all newsletters, helping to keep the back-link benefits from published news.

There is better to come.Our system also enables you to create your own email newsletter built from a selection of news items you have created across all of your web sites in both plain text and HTML format, making it an extremely flexible choice for franchise marketers. Finally Our system allows the code created to be made easily available for cutting and pasting into your favorite email marketing programs and email campaign providers. Therefore you can efficiently broadcast your message and accurately track your email marketing results, no matter if you are using Vertical Response, Constant Contact, Emma, Got Corp., Broadwick, Topica, Mail Chimp or many others

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Notes On Email Marketing

While one must be very careful with email marketing campaigns, reaching targeted prospects on opt-in or private lists can generate significant traffic to your site and has many other advantages:

Push vs. pull

Email marketing is more proactive than organic search engine listings, although it may not last as long. Some users will love email and some hate it as they regard it as an intrusion. The trick is to only encourage those that like email and make it very easy for them to opt out if they decide they don't like it or they change their minds.

Vibrant Email Marketing

With the generalization of HTML-based email, you can now send a much more visually interesting and engaging complete web page acting as a front door to your entire web site, as long as it features attention grabbiing and updated content. The HTML format allows you to easily track who has opened your email and who has followed particular links.

Much more cost effective than print

Email has a very low per-user cost, as anything sent to one prospect can equally easily be sent to a thousand. As long as you have some fresh news to spread around it works fantastically well. Newsletters and promotions are always welcomed, as long as they are in sync with your customers' lifestyles. Provide original lively content and you will soon reap the fruits of proactive viral marketing.

Email marketing is measurable

If a recipient of your email clicks a link you can find out about what they visited and where they came from. You can then see which of your current offers entice more of your customers. This allows you to tailor (or segment) your email campaigns for greater overall effectiveness.

  • A website without properly executed search engine optimisation is like having your company brochure hidden away in your stationery cupboard.
  • As Bill Gates once said: “If I was down to my last dollar, I’d spend it on PR. In times of market downturn you can not afford to reduce the amount of marketing you do.
  • Social media has become the internet marketing revolution of our age. You can not afford to run a business without it.
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