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Centralised Multi Website Search Engine Optimisation

retail search engine optimisation
  • Take your search engine optimisation to the highest leveby centralising the time consuming SEO process for all your sites.
  • Using our State Of The Art SEO management platform with inbuilt "SEO best practices" software you spend less time analysing and managing SEO implemenatation and more time on strategy and your core business.
  • As soon as you take control you are instantly "enabled" by the system to implement both on-site and off-site SEO techniques. This includes automated "deep linking" across any number of websites.
  • As soon as Google implements another algorithm update you can alter the content of all your websites in an instant.
  • Additionally if you decide to change your mind some time later you can roll back all those changes setting all sites back to their state immediately prior to the update.
  • The competitive advantage for any company operating this system is truly enormous.

Easily manageable white hat SEO for thousands of products across multiple websites

Our automated Internet marketing platform maximises organic search engine rankings with Google and streamlines centralised "best practices" SEO Implementation across multiple Websites

As a direct result website visibility is automatically increased through multiple online channels. No other SEO platform does what this system does.

Virtually every other SEO system available provides some form of rudimentary SEO analysis and then leaves the SEO expert to hand code all the necessary changes. Our system executes the SEO automatically on your behalf (based on your rules) and lets you refine the automated input as you see fit.

Our system is absolutely ideal for small B2B, B2C and e-commerce website owners, allowing them to generate new customer leads and online sales with some of the the lowest acquisition costs in the business . All this with the minimum on-going time investment. Our System is designed from the ground up with built in best practice SEO and powerful automation mechanisms to implement both on site search engine optimization and off site link building as well as integrating perfectly with the rest of your Internet marketing including social networking.

If you are passionate about your business then it follows that you can write about (or tell us about) your business and it's products and services. Our system leverages what you know and transforms that knowledge into a brilliantly executed search engine strategy to help propel you to new heights in the search engine results.

Our system comes with a truly revolutionary organic search management system. In short it allows the person with responsibility for SEO to select how each product page can be individually optimised using a set of simple rules. A database driven back end then allows updates to be made instantly (using a browser based front end like FireFox) globally across multiple websites

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  • A website without properly executed search engine optimisation is like having your company brochure hidden away in your stationery cupboard.
  • As Bill Gates once said: “If I was down to my last dollar, I’d spend it on PR. In times of market downturn you can not afford to reduce the amount of marketing you do.
  • Social media has become the internet marketing revolution of our age. You can not afford to run a business without it.
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