how to source a predictable number of highly qualified leads each and every month

My Background


I started life as a production engineer (straight after my graduation) working for Marconi in Chelmsford. I subsequently spent time as a shop floor supervisor, an estimator and finally a commercial manager. After a year or so in that role I left Marconi to take up a new position as a manager of an engineering service company.

Throughout my working life a main drive has been to strive constantly to improve the efficiency of everything I come into contact with. I don't know for sure where this trait came from but what I can say is that my father is Scottish!

This includes all types of business systems with a special emphasis on the efficient centralised storing and retrieval of business information.

The main origin's of this started back in 1989 and consisted of installing the company's first computers. Then a gradual process of using free (or very low cost) software to store, retrieve and utilise business information (although we did pay good money for Wordstar). I then studied in my spare time learning how to design and build relational databases and creating the companies first job costing system in "Supercalc".

The internet started to appear around 1994 and it was quickly apparent to me we should be getting involved. I learnt to hand code websites and also bought some commercial software called Adobe Pagemill to design our first website. It took many weeks carrying out research and design almost all in my spare time during evening and weekends. Within 3 months we had an order in from a new customer in Asia for £20,000 and soon after one from the USA for over £100,000. I still do a lot of my Web Design and Marketing in my spare time so you can quite often contact me during odd hours of the evening and weekends on Skype and email.

I now have over 24 years experience managing a medium sized business and over 18 years of working with Internet design and web marketing.

As for my customers. In the past more often than not I have ended up working through recommendations and with people who seemed to have the same work ethics (keep going until the job gets done).

I tend to specialise in small to medium size business web/marketing design. I also have a background in MS Small Business Server, relational database design, Visual Basic programming, in house email systems, integration of MS Office systems into business environments, plus a few others.

I have extensive knowledge of Search Engine Optimisation techniques and how to apply them (which is an ever changing landscape) to give the best results based on the size / budget of the customer.

Some of the businesses I have worked with come from industries which include: -

Currently I am acting as an agent for a remarkable company that have created a content management and SEO system that I am convinced is the best in the market.

In my spare time I do a great deal of DIY and i am now on our 4th house. Up until now i have done all the wiring, plumbing, carpentry and decorating. Nowadays i am happy to call in the pros and spend my time doing other things. I am also a drummer in a Blues and Rock band and I also like to spend some time in the summer riding my Ducati 916 over to the Isle of Man TT, Europe and around the Buckinghamshire countryside.

About WebClamour

WebClamour is run by me with the backing of a corporation based in the USA. It was set up initially to help small businesses leverage todays internet technology to bring in new sales leads in a predictable way at low cost.

Many small businesses know they need a website but also know that the chances of getting a decent site that generates a predictable number of qualified leads each month for a reasonable price are very slim.

At the very least it takes far more time to evaluate the possibilities than any small business holder can spare.

The WebClamour system gives business owners a website with a scalable and automated SEO service platform allowing business users to cost effectively tap in to the ever-increasing success of search engines.

The basic idea was conceived back in 2003 and is currently in it's third generation.

It is effective in many different types of business setup including, SEO agencies, franchises, affiliates, marketing companies, directories and any business with a serious SEO strategy.

WebClamour is backed by a corporation with presences in Europe and the United States.

The WebClamour system addresses the major needs of multi-websites owners by:


 Plus small B2B, B2C businesses and e-merchants can utilise it to:

  • A website without properly executed search engine optimisation is like having your company brochure hidden away in your stationery cupboard.
  • As Bill Gates once said: “If I was down to my last dollar, I’d spend it on PR. In times of market downturn you can not afford to reduce the amount of marketing you do.
  • Social media has become the internet marketing revolution of our age. You can not afford to run a business without it.
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